Elaine Schuster – Fighting To End Human Trafficking

Hidden in the news of last year’s United Nations panel discussion about how news organizations are dealing with the topic of modern slavery and human trafficking, was a women who has been on the forefront of this discussion for a good portion of her life. The event, covered by The Huffington Post and recently brought back into the light by AOL, was cosponsored by The Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University. Elaine Schuster is the main reason why.

Since 2004, Elaine Schuster committed $5.5 million to create and develop the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University which has a project devoted to in-depth reporting on Human Trafficking & Slavery. Yet, for the most part, her name remains hidden in the those associated with this most laudable cause. Her generosity and tireless passion is paying off. This panel and the Schuster Institute’s reporting project committed to original reporting that shines a light on this shocking human rights issue are evidence of that.

As reported by the Huffington Post: “Among the main points: Panelists urged reporters and editors to avoid salacious details and splashy, “sexy” headlines that can prevent a more nuanced examination of trafficked persons’ lives and experiences. Journalists lamented the lack of solid data, noting that the available statistics are contradictory, unreliable, insufficient, and often skewed by ideology.” – The News Media’s Role In Exposing Human Trafficking

Here is the closing video from the session. In this segment, Antonio Maria Costa adresses the often asked question, “How can I help?” All of the videos from this session can be seen on YouTube at The Schuster Institute.


  1. It is truly great to know, there are projects out there like Elaine Schuster, funding change driven projects to raise awareness and stop child slavery! This article “The News Media’s Role In Exposing Human Trafficking” really shines a light on how powerful the media can be to make a real difference in stopping child slavery.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this, Jeff. I’m really glad this was brought back up. It’s so easy for people to glaze over topics that make them feel uncomfortable. It may not be popular news but we need to make people aware of it.

  3. People dnt realize how humman trafficking is reealy affecting our world. if they realy want it to stop they should do what ever is possible to protect our family “people”

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