Decriminalize Child Prostitution?

Believe it or not, the average age for a girl entering prostitution is 13 years old, and the average age is declining as buyers want younger and younger children. via Why Decriminalize Child Prostitution?.

Children should not be punished for being forced into prostitution. I doubt many would argue with that statement. But will decriminalizing child prostitution help or harm?

This is a post that should be read by anyone interested in seeing victims of child sex trafficking helped. Complex doesn’t begin to describe the issue, but Janice Shaw Crouse and Penny Young Nance present a well thought out argument against decriminalizing child prostitution.


  1. Don’t decriminalize prostitution for the pimps who are the movers and shakers behind this repugnant and illegal practice. But do decriminalize child sex slavery for the poor girls who are the victims of these greedy, egomaniacal pimps who are the true criminals. In plainspeak, don’t arrest the children. Put them in foster homes, good foster homes, and assign them a truly caring social worker who will help them grow up to be responsible men and women. But arrest the pimps who are profiting from their perverse way of life and throw away the key to the jail. Yes, it’s just that simple. Why do people turn something so simple into a complicated heap that will turn sour on the poor victims.

  2. “But will decriminalizing child prostitution help or harm?” When you say decriminalizing child prostitution I’m assuming your talking about not prosecuting the children. I don’t see how not prosecuting children for prostitution could harm as long as there is another option rather than just let these kids back on the street. When I think of child prostitution two things are brought to mind. youn children 13 or evn younger being keot agint their will and teen who are on the street and have turned to prostitution to survive. There is a clear answer to how to save the first group of children, simply rescue them from their captors hands. But how do you rescue the other teen who “chose” this lifestyle. forcefully taking them from that lifestyle has been the answer for some but it has caused children to be afraid of aproching the police and I think a better approach needs to be found in which criminalizing them has no part.

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