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How can you help?

Linking: One of the ways information gains visibility on the Internet is through linking. Sites that are linked to by other sites gain “respectibility” in Google’s search engines. Link to this site and link to other sites that promote the end of Child Slavery. So, the simplest thing you can do is link sites to yours and encourage others to do the same. Doing so will make the information stand out. We have to force the world to open its eyes to the truth. Perhaps, if we work together and shine a bright enough light, the darkness will go away.

Fair Trade LabelShop Wisely: Another simple, painless way to help is to make every effort to stop supporting companies and products that use child slavery in their manufacturing process. Look for the Fair Trade Certified label. Go to their website and educate yourself on the kinds of products likely to use child labor, such as chocolate, coffee, tea and sugar. You don’t have to stop eating these things, just make more informed buying decisions.

Educate Yourself: The information about child slavery and human trafficking is out there, but you must be willing to open your eyes and look for it.

Tell Us What You Think: If we’re missing something, leave us a comment and let us know. This is about finding the truth.