Slavery Is All Around Us.

Lisa Kristine is a humanitarian photographer who specializes in images of remote indigenous peoples. “Kristine has collaborated with international humanitarian organizations and is often asked to present her work to inspire discussions on human rights and social change.”

She is a storyteller. This is her story from her TEDxMaui 2012 presentation designed to shed light on the world of modern day slavery. “It’s all around us,” she says. “We just don’t see it.” Her photos and story will help you see it better.


  1. Confused at to why there are no replies. I look foward to my emails from you. It’s never good news, but keeps me aware of how much I NEED to be thankful for. What can I do? I have no problem dying for a cause. Not to be some type of Martyr, but to show that the good in human still exists.

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