Investigating Sex Trafficking – The Price Of Sex

“The film opened my eyes to the scope and scorching pain of the human trafficking problem. While it is difficult to watch—you should see it. The best weapon against this blight is awareness.” — David Jacobson, Ambassador of the United States of America

You can see if there is a screening of The Price of Sex near you, or purchase a DVD for home use, or for play at public schools or universities.

“The portraits of the women featured in the film are powerful and heart-rending… Suitable for some mature high school classes and for college courses in cultural anthropology, anthropology of women/gender, anthropology of globalization/neoliberalism, and Eastern European studies, as well as general audiences.” – David Eller, Anthropology Review Database


  1. Have you seen the film Zielinski, which won BestPolitical Documentary of 2011 at the Phildelphia Indepenant Film Festival on child kidnapping child slavery as revealed by the Nebraska Legislative Investigation which resulted in a book called “The Franklin Cover-up by John DeCamp, a film called Conspiracy of Silence by Yorkshire Broadcast and now “America’s MIA Children” done in 1991-92 by Zielinski and recently found again

  2., affiliated with OC Weekly and LA Weekly, has been investigated for supporting trafficking through their publications. Time to expose them.

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