Two Little Girls – An Animated Story About Sex Trafficking

This is the kind of video I might have written off as sensationalism three years ago.

But I’ve read too much. The evidence of its truth is too great. And I applaud the film’s makers for their use of animation to portray the sinister way in which sex traffickers lure their victims into a life of sexual slavery. The film is part of an exhibition called ‘not Natasha’ at the Impressions Gallery in in Bradford, UK.

The film was made in consultation with five Albanian women who were trafficked into the UK and had agreed to share their experiences with the film makers to ensure the accuracy of their stories. This a powerful cautionary tale which has already become a talking point amongst victims of the sex-trafficking trade. While many films on the subject are often distressing and difficult to watch, this film draws in the audience with its animated fairy tale stlye and music before hitting home with its serious message.

It’s style lures you in and then clubs you over the head. It’s haunting. And hard to believe. And it’s true. Please share this.


  1. this is so sad and i hate to know And realize that these stories are ten going on eleven and i hope that doesnt happen to me or any of my family members

  2. This video is professionally produced, but the only bit of real information we are presented is in the closing credits.

    The story itself appeals to solely to emotion and fails to educate the viewer on how to prevent human trafficking.

  3. Hi there,
    thanks for the succinct 2.5min animation. It is brilliant for beginners, regarding awareness raising.

    I am wondering, would you give permission for it to be dubbed with other languages for awareness raising purposes?
    Please contact me if the answer is either yes or no. That would be very helpful.

    with thanks, and God bless you,

    • Dear Joyce,

      Thank you for you interest.

      The film is so far dubbed into Albanian, Russian and Romanian and we are now in a process of translating it into six new languages – please give us details of your organization and we will put you in touch with the people who are distributing the film in your part of the world.

      Best wishes
      Animage Films

  4. i noticed the whole disney feel at the beginning. im guessing that is on purpose, only partially to get you emotionally engaged, but is also realistic, representing the whole act they set up to lure the girls in. from what i heard this also happens to girls from the US.

    if you want this to hit **even closer to** home, see this article:

    if the article is to be believed (and the author sounds legitimate to me), these things can go on in plain sight

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