The Body Shop Lives Its Values, Fights Against Child Sex Trafficking

I can only applaud the efforts of The Body Shop as they shine the light of public exposure on the crime of child sex trafficking.

“The retailer spent 16 months researching the effort to fight sex trafficking before introducing it, Ms. Simmons said, because of the nature of the problem. The idea was to learn “how we can deliver this” message, she added, “without switching people off.” – New York Times

This is just one of their excellent “living our values” initiatives, but their focus is clear. They have a bold stop trafficking campaign, designed to “raise awareness of the scale of the issue, raise funding for vulnerable children and young people, and inspire those with decision-making power to effect change. And I love this part of it – they give their clerks training on how to “talk authoritatively about the issue.” I think it’s a bold step and one that’s needed in order for a campaign like this to have real impact. Signs are simply not enough. As a result, they’ve already raised $1.5 Million for the Somaly Mam Foundation, a substantial portion of that donated by shoppers. That’s not an accident.

This is a virus that can’t thrive in the light and we simply need more light.


  1. This is an excellent initiative but I hadn’t realised that it wasn’t just lip service – that they had put so much research, effort and traning into it.

  2. To be honest I am a father of two boys and I have a very loving wife. But at times when I am alone I look at some web cam sites to see women naked. I have seen things on the news about slavery still going on through out the world recently and I believe I met a girl who may need help. She looked really high and she was from Colombia and her name was Katy. I do not know if you all can help her but someone needs too. She looked sad and scared and high. I feel so sorry for her please help this girl. Her screen name was SexLoversXxX’s

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