Child Slavery – Today On Twitter

Testing a new site, Twilert, I decided to see what kinds of conversations might take place around Child Slavery on Twitter. Here’s what I found.

@canadagood : Interesting article on modern child slavery with a shout-out for Craig Kielberger’s

@channelone : Cambodian Anti-Prostitution Activist Wins Human Rights Award: A survivor of child slavery and prostitu..

@mkbwsu : ReTweet from @clifmimschild slavery: An Abomination

Conclusion: There wasn’t nearly enough conversation taking place on Twitter about this enormous problem today. I’m going to monitor this for a bit and see what turns up. If the days to come are like this one, something needs to be done to step up the conversation.


  1. I agree, Jeff. We definitely need more conversation and action on this pandemic.

    I wonder if you might find more tweets if you Twilerted “child trafficking”? That’s usually the term I use (tho I like the one you use too because it’s more graphic and compelling). Whenever I update my anti-trafficking blog (, it’s tweeted via Twitterfeed, and I know @EBain does also (, so there should be a little more on Twitter than what showed up. We’ve both posted 2 or 3 times this week.

    I’m willing to help do more to get some conversation going and I’m sure @EBain would be too. Eg it would be great to get the rest of the anti-slavery groups that are on to start tweeting, Other ideas?

    Diana Scimone
    Born to Fly International, Inc.

  2. I’ll definitely start posting more on child slavery to increase awareness. My friend is working with our church to create awareness of human trafficking in our area. I’ll talk to her to encourage her to blog more and to link her blog to twitter as well.

    Thank you for all that you are doing.

  3. I have recently been deeply moved by the film ‘Amazing Grace’ about William Wilberforce’s fight to abolish slavery in Britain. It took 20 years and I am sure he would be deeply ashamed to see that slavery, although illegal is rife and that child slavery particularly is everywhere. We see it, we know about it but we choose not to do anything about it, just as ever before.

    I am concerned about the rise in demand for sugar cane to fuel ‘eco friendly fuel’. This is a nonsense, all it fuels is slavery and the inflation of basic food produce that impacts most harshly on the poorest societies and communities in our world.

    I am willing to do more and will be able to make a better contribution towards spreading the word when I launch my blog next Spring.

    I will tweet this blog on Twitter with a view to generating some interest in a wider debate.

    Thank you for bringing this subject into the light where it can be seen and heard.


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