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So what do slaves have to do with me?

Good question…

Not an easy answer. The implications of the human slave trade in the world really can’t be measured, but by being an uninformed consumer you may inadvertently be contributing to the act of human trafficking. For more information you can read this article on the implications of the slave trade on the global economy...Fair Trade Label

Free the Slaves

Become an informed consumer by visiting the Fair Trade Certified website to learn where you can purchase products and goods that are free from the implications of child slave labor.

The beginning of my journey.

I was asked by the hosts of this site to be a guest author. I have to tell you that I was absolutely honored.

The easiest way to describe my desire to support humanitarian causes is simple. It came down to following the examples of people who have already made the sacrifice. The act of being selfless. The act of empathy.

Human is human.

Strip away the material things… and what kind of person would I be?

I think I know… but now it’s time to prove it.

My contributions to this site will be from the ground up. I am armed with nothing but my ability to learn, and the desire to teach. I have no great insight to the world beyond my own doors, but starting today my world is going to change.

I believe that sharing my journey, and the insight I acquire may be the most generous contribution I can make to any humanitarian cause. I hope to teach the world that a “common” housewife, and mother of 4, can make a difference in the life of another person.

If my efforts can make a difference in just one person’s life… well then, this journey is more than worth it.

Please join me in the posts to come. I hope to inspire you, and cause you to act. I hope to stir a reaction from deep within your soul, that causes you to make a difference in the life of another human being.

My journey starts today.