Fighting Human Crimes: Ian Mitchell’s Mission to Unite Fighters and Protect People

Ian Mitchell, the founder of The Knoble, has spent over 25 years fighting financial crimes in the banking industry. Today, he is also focused on fighting human crimes such as human trafficking, child exploitation, scams, and elder abuse through his organization’s network. Mitchell shared his passion in an American Banker podcast.

Human crimes are often hidden, but organizations like The Knoble are working to uncover the data that can be used to identify and fight these behaviors. Mitchell believes that by getting more people involved in the fight against human crimes, better data, technology, and people can be utilized to outmatch the bad actors. He aims to awaken more people to the idea that they can contribute to the fight against human crimes.

“We’re starting to measure it. We’re starting to build programs around it. And so we’re in this journey,” says Mitchell. By measuring the problem and building programs around it, Mitchell believes that more people are becoming aware and willing to take action. “I’m unbelievably encouraged by the amazing organizations that are coming in and saying, I want to start measuring this,” says Mitchell.

As the fight against human crimes continues, Mitchell and his network at The Knoble hope to unite fighters against financial and human crimes to better protect people from harm. Through collaboration, learning, and project facilitation, Mitchell believes everyone involved can raise the tide for all organizations and people.

You can listen to the podcast here: ‘Fighting evil is not competitive’: How banks help detect human crime.

(This post was primarily written with the assistance of ChatGPT as a summary of the linked podcast, grammar-checked using Grammarly, and edited for clarity and accuracy by an actual human. The featured image was created in Midjourney using the prompt, “human trafficking, dispair, watercolor illustration”)

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