The 2022 Trafficking in Persons Report

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The 2022 Trafficking in Persons Report highlights the impact of human trafficking on global communities and provides resources for those affected. It highlights the importance of survivors’ expertise in developing anti-trafficking strategies and the need to focus on vulnerable and marginalized populations. It also mentions the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and the need to hold those responsible for human trafficking accountable.

Key report takeaways:

  1. The report focuses on the role of survivor leaders and individuals with lived experience of human trafficking in anti-trafficking efforts.
  2. The report also explores critical issues of grave and urgent concern, including the inequitable impact of human trafficking on vulnerable and marginalized populations.
  3. The Department of State is committed to drawing attention to the vulnerabilities that human traffickers routinely exploit, especially as they pertain to individuals from marginalized or underserved communities.

What the report is not:

  1. The report does not address the root causes of human trafficking, such as poverty and inequality.
  2. The report does not provide concrete solutions to combat human trafficking.

Download the 2022 Report [20 MB]

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