1. I don’t know why, but the topic of human trafficking touches my heart. I have never been a victim of trafficking and I don’t know anyone personally that has ever been sold into slavery. But there is just an ickiness about selling another person that really bothers me. Also, I agree. Twenty years in prison is not long enough. Surely, the perp can get out on parole before that and begin this disgusting activity all over again. I can’t tolerate the thought of animal abuse and human trafficking. I am also pro-life, but this is less emotional for me. I would never have an abortion and I believe in speaking out in saving the unborn, but I don’t become inflamed with anger over it as I do when I think about a person using another person as an object and a person deliberately hurting an animal for their own pleasure. I find this type of behavior denotes a person who is unbalance and really needs to be set apart from society for life. Sorry to go on and on, but when I read articles on human trafficking, I feel the compunction to state my own feelings about this unnecessary and demeaning act in writing.

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