1. After my deep interest in doing everything I can to end animal cruelty of any kind, I have a deep-seated desire to do something to help end the evil of human trafficking. I saw the movie “Taken” with actor, Liam Nissam. But way before this, my detestation of using a human being in this manner was disturbing me. I would like to sign a petition or something to help. Right now, I am unemployed and cannot donate money. I can’t understand any form of cruelty. It makes me ill. I also saw the movie “8mm” with Nicolas Cage which was more deeply troubling to watch than “Taken”. “8mm” deals with Snuf videos. Some people will stop at nothing to make a lousy buck. You would think they would understand that when you use a person or an animal as just a “product”, you lower your own self-estimation. But they don’t see this. All they see is they money they can make. It’s really pathetic. I believe you should pray for these people, not hate them.

  2. Hi, my name is Feliz and I just started writing a research paper on Child Slavery for my Honors Class. The paper will focus on the different types of child slavery, accounts/stories, facts/statistics, and what we can do to prevent/stop child slavery. I hope to expand on this subject for my Honors Diploma Project next year.
    I need to conduct an interview for my paper and I was wondering if I could e-mail you a few questions?

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