Make Someone Aware Of Human Trafficking Today

Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. What can you do? has a great post detailing 40 Ideas for Action on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day: From Facebook to Legislation.

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9 thoughts on “Make Someone Aware Of Human Trafficking Today

  1. Emm says:

    Hi Jeff! I’ve been following a lot of links today to do with human trafficking and I think I found your link on Twitter.

    I’m going to reblog this if that is okay with you – your video is really hard hitting and impactful (is that a word?).

    Maybe we’re not doing enough. My main focus on my blog is genocide and yet trials, arrests and tribunals go by without me blogging about it. I like to blame that on having a full time job but still I find the time to do things that aren’t important or beneficial to anyone.

    In 2010 I wish you the best of luck in your efforts and with your blog (which I am blogrolling).

  2. Emm, thank you. I will be visiting your site later.

  3. loic says:

    Hi Jeff, i’m french and i saw your video it’s really good what did you say about your video. This theme is a good choice and i think you’ll must to go your fight on Human Trafficking.

    Thank you

  4. TMN says:

    Wanted to share information about an upcoming event in New York City on child labor practices around the world.

    The Roles of Culture and Poverty in Child Labor Practices Around the World
    Wednesday, January 27, 2010
    7- 8:30pm
    Mercy Corps’ Action Center (6 River Terrace, Battery Park City)


    Moderator: John Gershman, Clinical Associate Professor, Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service, New York University

    Panelists: Jo Becker, Advocacy Director, Children’s Rights Division, Human Rights Watch
    Rajeev Dehejia, Professor of Economics, Tufts University
    Judy Gearhart, Adjunct Professor of International Affairs, Colombia University
    Conor Grennan, Founder, Next Generational Nepal

  5. Joben Carl says:

    Human Trafficing is horrible, and it is a shame that our world has come to this. Every person has the right to live their own life the way they want to. Being forced to lead a life like this is unreasonable and wrong. It is a terror to think that people’s lives are being corrupted so immensely in parts of the world including the USA. A life is a life, no matter what…

  6. Rachel Murray says:

    Hi Jeff
    I have been given the opportunity to give a small presentation and I am going to use it to highlight human trafficking I was wandering if you would give me permission to use your video.

  7. jeff Turner says:


    Without hesitation!

    Let me know how it goes.

  8. Alan Suhr says:

    I just wanted to tell you how great I think the work you are doing is. Currently, I am working on a reserch project for my English class on examples of wrongs in the world today, and I now realize how important it is for me to do this now. I would also like to wish you the best of luck in getting this information out to the public to show what is going on in the world right beneath our own noses. Again, I would like to praise you and your partners highly for your work and wish you the best of luck in your quest to show the world what is going on.

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