Rowing Against Slavery Spreads The Word

Peter Gadiot explains Rowing Against Slavery’s attempt to set a world record for rowing across the Atlantic from the Canary Islands to Antiqua. The current record is 33 days, so their goal is to cross in 32 days. But the real goal of the journey to help raise awareness about modern slavery.


  1. i watched a movie in history class and i seen the movie about how long it takes to buy a slave and another one about a young girl who’s mother was forced to sell her by her father.her mother was informed that her daughter was being abused and beaten.the mother and daughter were both reconnected but had to seperate again because the father kicked the mother out of the makes me so mad because no matter what people should never have to go thrugh slavery for any reason, and us americans take so much for granted and we’re makes me wonder “if this is still happening, what was the use of MLK and the many other leaders that fought and risked thier life for freedom.?” every day i pray for those who are not as fortunate.those who go through waaay more than i can possibly imagine.And i realize that our nighmares are thier realities.i would say that life’s not fair but i learned that in reality that’s not true. the correct and more legit thing is not “life’s not fair”, its actually “the people in life are not fair.”

  2. Your website is well presented and to the point. Child abuse in any form is a terrible indictment of the human race and all governments around the world must be encouraged to take action. Abuse of children must be addressed on all levels of society and must be stamped out. The most frightening aspect of the abuse of children is it is self perpetuating; those abused grow up to be abusers.

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