60 Seconds On Child Trafficking

patrick_truemanThis is a 60 second excerpt from my hour long conversation with Partrick Trueman, former Chief of the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section, Criminal Division, U. S. Department of Justice. Mr. Trueman was kind enough to drive in to Washington D.C. to meet with me last week.

I will be breaking up the hour long recording into smaller portions, but wanted to get this one up as way of announcing the upcoming segments. The recording was done in the restaurant of the Washington Marriott, so please excuse the sound quality. This segment is his response to the question, “How big is the problem of child sex trafficking in the United States.”

The number is staggering.

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6 thoughts on “60 Seconds On Child Trafficking

  1. miamism says:

    this is beyond scary – to think it goes on under our nose and most of us are oblivious to the truth – thanks for bringing this out in the open Jeff

  2. Cederash says:

    Шрифт трудно читается у вас на блоге

  3. […] minutes long. I had originally wanted to chop this up into several parts. I posted a small excerpt, 60 Seconds On Child Trafficking, a few days after our time together and had delayed posting the remainder until I could spend the […]

  4. Judith Yates says:

    I need someone from your organization to contatc me for an interview. I need a source for information on child sex slaves in the United States. How predominant is this practice? How often are children taken off the street and sold into slavery? Where can I find resources for these numers & the research to back up these numbers? Please contact me. This is for a story for the media I work for. Thank you.

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