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  1. I have seen that look in their eyes…I live and work as a missionary in a huge asian slum, 100,000 people, I have seen that look in the eyes of 2 years olds that can already look after themselves. I had a little boy that we were helping who was sold and I never found him…

    At any cost, people must get involved in making a differance. The children of the world face incredible hardships daily as part of what is just normal for them, things that should not be normal for anyone.

    The problem is incredibly huge…but the answer is locked up in every single person who makes a decision to get involved…change the life of another.

    Great site, don’t know what else to say…I live in the slums where these kids come from, God knows they need so much help.


  2. I go to a school where we are required to do an in-depth project. I chose the topic of child slavery, not knowing what I was getting into.

    Once upon a time it had been my dream to help young single mothers, but they aren’t beaten (usually). They don’t have the very life sucked out of them. They have something to live for (their children). They aren’t treated as property. They aren’t unjustly punished with the very things they work with.

    There are so many types of slavery, so if you’re wondering wht i’m talking about, go look up chocolate slavery-and find out who makes your chocolate-a machine, or a child.

    If you have and additional info, such as statistics or a website, I would love to hear it at
    fyi-my computer likes to spaz, so it may take me a while to thank you. ‘,)~


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