Child Slavery Alive And Well In The UK

An undercover reporter was offered several children for sale by their parents in Nigeria: two boys aged three and five for £5,000, or £2,500 for one, and a 10-month-old baby for £2,000. Teenage girls – including some still pregnant – were willing to sell their babies for less than £1,000.

I don’t care how many times I read these stories, the shock of it never goes away. This is pure evil.  Some of the Nigerian traffickers are making upwards of  £6,000 per week selling children. The fact that there are traffickers selling up to 500 children per year means there is a willing market on the other end. It sickens me.

Watch this video about the new slave trade.


  1. Cynch… I want to make sure I understand your comment. Are you saying that the real evil is that the women gave birth to the child in the first place?

  2. If You Cant Afford To Keep The Child. Dont Give Birth To The Child.I Think Thats What She Id Trying To Say.
    Selling Your Child For Sex Or Any Kind Of Slavery Is Evil. Cruel. If Your That Poor. Why Not Sell Yourself First.?

  3. Uh, are you sure your not looking at this from a stereotypical point of view? We should consider their side and how they feel. Maybe they have no choice as this was how they were brought up to do. Plus Im pretty sure not even the people living in the U.S are will to sacrifice there own lives for others. Its easier to just sell your kids. Or maybe there getting raped. In any case, there is probably another side to this that we haven’t fully explored. Then again Im no expert on this so don’t judge plz

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