Imagine Child Slavery

Imagine: Picture yourself a child, in a poor country, from a poor family … you sleep on a mat on the floor, eat maybe once a day … there are too many mouths to feed … too many bodies in too small a space … chaos, filth, hunger, pain, despair – these are your daily companions … the family needs to reduce the number of hungry mouths or bring in extra money. Your parents decide to take desperate action. They owe money and can’t feed the rest of the family. Older siblings who can find work do, but what to do with you, the young one? Their desperate act? The act designed to help solve their financial troubles? They “sell” you to a flesh merchant who will keep you locked in a small, dirty room, fed enough to not starve. Your job? To “service” your clients. To sell your young body for the sexual pleasure of the adult men who pay high dollar for young flesh.

Read the rest of the article here: Pedophiles On World Tour


  1. Thank you so much for putting this website together. This is an issue I am very passionate about, and it is CRITICAL that this message be heard and that the public be educated. I will link to you from my site. I am a conceptual self-portrait artist, and I recently did a test series based on a song that speaks of child abuse. I have included a link to your website from that photo in my gallery at:

    Many Blessings,


  2. I am one of millions of people who know that this is going on and want to help, but, don’t know how. I don’t have any money….it just seems like more people would care about the millions of kids who are slaves. While I hear about reparations to descendants of slaves from 200 years ago, my mind wonders about the people who are slaves right now. Slavery is alive and well, and it’s almost all women and children. Yet people here go on and watch their superbowls and spend money on SUV’s and outrageous gas prices like there’s nothing really bad going on anywhere. Sometimes I can’t sleep thinking about what is happening to someone right this minute, right this very minute, a child is being raped, beaten, worked to death, held against their will; all the while probably wondering why why why, is this all there is, is this life? won’t anyone help me, doesn’t anyone care. it astounds me daily.

  3. wow i cant believe this. who would be that cruel to hurt children. im sure if those people had kids they woud see what bitches they are. poor kids . why are kids the one that suffer the most when their innocent.those kids must be tramatized :/ !

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