Vote To Fight Slavery

Paste Magazine and Our Stage are helping make a difference.

Paste/Ourstage Donation Campaign

Modern-day slavery is a $32 billion industry and Not For Sale is dedicated to freeing the 27 million people this industry enslaves and enacting strategies to undercut both the supply and demand for slaves.

Over the next few months, each time someone registers to vote in the monthly competitions, OurStage will donate $2 to the Not For Sale Campaign. It couldn’t be any easier and the voting is actually fun!

Paste Magazine is responsible for tracking the amount of money to be donated. Sign up here to vote and help end slavery.

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3 thoughts on “Vote To Fight Slavery

  1. celeste says:

    i really do think we should stop slavery. especially child slavery

  2. Lance Del Goebel says:

    People who shop at GAP and WAL-MART are in clear violation of the 13th Amendment of the United States Constitution. These rat filth slave tradrs are un-American without a brain or a soul. Line them up against a wall and shoot them and watch our national IQ skyrocket

  3. Khmerxo says:

    Hi Somaly Mam,

    I support your work, It is a good work for cambodian.


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