Evil Reared It’s Ugly Head Today

Child slavery is evil. Pure and simple.

It’s hard to look at, harder still to contemplate for any period of time. The images, both visual and mental, make you want to turn away. I know this experientially.

Today, I was reminded that evil lurks everywhere. I heard about it first on talk radio. I read the story when I got home. In my home state, six men and women kidnapped a 23 year old woman and held her captive for a week. They brutalized her, tortured her, and raped her repeatedly. They made her a slave to their sick desires. They were white. She was black. Everything they did to her was done because her skin was darker than theirs. This happened just outside of Charleston, West Virginia.

What hit me was this: Every day, all over the world, children are treated just this way. Every single day.

Turning away, even for a short time, can’t be an option.

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