Overwhelmed By The Volume

feed reader numbersI’m disturbed by the numbers.

I have been busy focusing on some other project for the past few days and left my Child Slavery reading to tonight. When I opened my google feed reader folder, I was shocked by what I found.

The image to the right is a screen capture of my feeds from various search criteria.

As you can see, there are literally thousands of articles to wade through. This may be as clear an indication of the scope of the child slavery problem as anything I’ll find in any single article. I wish I could say I look at this and am filled with hope. But I am quite confident what I’m going to find… many stories of pain and a few stories of joy.

I need to find a way to create more stories of joy.


  1. There are places in India where there are some stories of joy and transformation of young students who attend Prakash Institutes of India. http://www.prakash4india.org. They learn job skills, life skills, and spiritual skills. There is no hope, if we do not help.

  2. Sylvia… thank you. I know that all is not lost. I know there are positive stories like the Prakash Boys Institute. It is my hope to help!

  3. This is true that there are many more children who do not have shelter and even food. Most of them are Orphans there is no hope for the future. I was one of them but thank God people from western country came and gave me hope and future. I know that if they would not have come and had mercy on me then I would have become begger or thief. I am grateful to those who have contributed their lives in me. I am truely thankful to the Orphanages and especially Prakash Institute of India and all those who are helping this ministry selflessly to transforme lives.

    Unfortunately there are many more boys and girls without any hope for the future. THEY NEED HELP.

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