Thailand for Children, Disneyland for Pedophiles?

Thailand is currently called “Disneyland for pedophiles” and has up to 600,000 AIDS cases and a huge sex-for-sale industry, driven mostly by European and American tourists who come to rent what they want. It is estimated that the number of prostitutes in Thailand ranges from 800,000 to 2 million. Among which 20% of Thailand Prostitutes are 18 or younger.(“Disneyland for Pedophiles”)
Why is this multi million dollar industry still functioning?”

As you can see, even though it is against the law in Thailand for persons to engage in sexual relations with anyone under the age of 15, it is still happening. Young women in Thailand are still being sold into sexual slavery by their parents, and Europeans and Westerners alike are all aiding the demand for this service. Read more about the violation of these young girls here.


  1. we pedos prefer the term ‘disneyland resort for the avid pedophile’

    an avid pedo

  2. Why is this multi billion dollar industry still functioning??
    According to two human rights reports I have read it is claimed there are 800,000 children per year sexually abused in Thailand. This means that the majority of the problem is not down to prostitution. Apparently 38% of children sexually abused in Thailand are abused by a family member. The problem is huge and the only way to stamp it out is to introduce the death penalty for the sexual abuse of children

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