Who Is Responsible For Child Slavery?

“And who is responsible for this appalling child slavery? Everyone.”

– Mary H. Jones



  1. Jeff
    Incredibly poignant message. We are all to blame for social issues and need somehow to point the focus inwardly regardless of the pain involved. Children are enslaved and poisoned in ways that we as their guardians must first admit exist and then address. Collective acknowledgement is regretably the most difficult obstacle to overcome when overtly challenging social wrongs. We are entrusted with a legacy that must not be taken for granted. The legacy: The hopes and dreams of our children.

  2. Ed, very well said. The first step is to recognize the present nature of this problem. From there, action can come. Until WE realize that the problem is ours, nothing will happen to solve it. Thank you for looking in and adding to the conversation.

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