Child Slave Labor Testimony At The United Nations

UN LogoNEW YORK – A 16-year-old Nepalese girl burst into tears describing her work in a match factory to help support her mother. A Jordanian teen spoke out about violence against girls in rural areas. A former child soldier from Congo cried when she recalled her suffering as a sex slave.” – Edith M. Lederer, Associated Press, One News Now

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2 thoughts on “Child Slave Labor Testimony At The United Nations

  1. My husband (a descendant of Caribbean slavery) and I (a white British subject) live in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. (populated by black slaves descendants))We promote our own modest photo shop each year at the ‘BVI Emmancipation Festival Prade’,(held each year on August 1st) using small cardbord fans for publicity – popular give-aways to help keep cool in the hot Caribbean sun along the route of the parade. It works.Everyone wants one.
    This year (being the official 200 year anniversary of abolishment of slavery?) We’d like to raise the awareness of the contunued trade of slavery in Africa – (virtually unknown here!)
    My idea is to print some powerful images and message on the reverse of these fans.
    This is a Chistian society – with more churches than bars – if we could inform our countrymen and women of the plight of child slavery I’m sure they’d react positively.We are seeking some powerful images and information of what ex-slaves can do to free present day slaves.
    Can you help?

  2. JWT says:

    Annie… this sounds like a powerful way to spread the word. I’m going to contact you directly about this!

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