Free The Children

I stumbled on another great website today, Free The Children.

Free The Children is a truly unique charity. Unlike most charitable organizations, it is driven and funded by kids. Free The Children Logo“Our mission is to free young people from the idea that they are powerless to bring about positive social change, and encourage them to act now to improve the lives of young people everywhere.”

Craig Kielburger founded the organization at the ripe old age of 12. He was so impacted by the story of a boy sold into slavery for $16 that he was driven to action.

“When Craig was 12, he was shocked to learn about the murder of a child labourer-turned-child rights activist. Eager to take action, he established Free The Children to help free children from poverty, exploitation and powerlessness. The organization began as a small group of classmates and quickly evolved into an international phenomenon.”

He is now 23 years old. And his organization has With the help of organizations like Oprah’s Angel Network, they’ve been able to build over 450 schools. It’s a truly amazing story.

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