Fighting For Those Who Can’t Fight For Themselves

I found a new organization to link to, ZOE Children’s homes. A well executed YouTube Video by Shanie Evans led me to their website. You can view the YouTube video here. The description on YouTube reads:

“WE CAN ALL do something to help… this VIDEO is my small contribution in bringing awareness to people that this is happening right under our noses… we CAN help stop it! For more info on how, go to (this video is in no way affiliated with the mentioned organization) These are friends of mine who gave up everything to fight for our children so I support by donation & help spread the word…”

The ZOE Children’s homes were created to rescue children who are at risk of being sold into human slavery and/or child prostitution. In my mind, there is no difference. I don’t care about the religious affiliation of helping organizations. This one happens to be a Christian organization and it is one of the best presentations I’ve seen on the global problem of child trafficking and prostitution. PLEASE WATCH!

ZOE Photo

Want to help?

Forward a link to this blog to everyone you know. Spread the word. Awareness is the beginning!


  1. I just visited this site and was made all too aware that there is a world outside our doors screaming for help. I am going to do what ever I can to provide it. The Zoe organization sounds like an amazing place and a haven for these children. I will be sharing this information with family and friends.

  2. To whom it may concern,

    Please call me when you have a moment.

    I would like some help. I would like to have a more of a hands on approach to my passion (Which is helping kids) than what I am doing at the moment (which is Enterprise Consultancy). I would like to be involved with an organization that fights against child slavery in the world. Do you know any organization that deal with this specifically, so that I can connect them.

    Kind regards,

    Chad McVann

    Initiate Group Ltd

    t 020 7234 9008
    f 020 7234 9001

  3. Hello!!
    This is Shanie Evans…I am sooooo happy that your site exsists!!!
    I just happened upon you guys and I love what your offering over here, I’m going to add a link from my site to your’s as well, we need SO MUCH MORE AWARENESS about this brutal crime. I just had a meeting with two of the most amazing people you will ever meet (the owners of “zoe ministry” featured at the top of your site ) I shared with them that I made my music video based on the knowledge of their experiences…I further asked them for their support and they so graciousy gave it. I am one voice but I plan to reach the masses with my one voice. I thank you for helping me in this journey by allowing me to be herd on your platform eh!

    (my goal is to reach the Oprah show! With their site!) Aim HIGH and you’ll get further than you ever knew you could!!

    Thank so much again,

  4. Shanie.. thank you for stopping by! Your video was powerful. You’re to be commended. Keep aiming high!!! If I can help, let me know.

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