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Modern Slavery In Britain

Most of the modern slavery stories I find searching around the net are stories from third world countries. This morning I ran across a story about SlaveBritain, an exhibition at London’s St Paul’s Cathedral. It’s an expose of human trafficking throughout Britain. (press release)

In one case a 15-year-old Lithuanian girl was sold seven times in eight weeks and moved between addresses in Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester and Sheffield, where she was repeatedly raped and forced into prostitution.

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Visit the online SlaveBritain site: click here.

How Can We Let This Be?

Today has been a day of enlightenment.

The signs in this photo tell the story. It’s 2007 and there are still places in the world that have not abolished slavery, where slavery is still legal. I am reading my own words as I’m writing it and it’s difficult to imagine.

Why? How?

Simon with supporters from Temple U

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