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Child Slavery In The Soccer Ball Industry

The international Labor Rights forum is reporting evidence that indicates the use of child labor and debt bondage in the production of soccer balls in India.

“While the sporting goods industry made a commitment to stop child labor in their supply chains when the problem was first identified in Sialkot, Pakistan in 1997, this report shows that bonded child labor continues in the industry and has shifted to India,” said Trina Tocco, Campaigns Coordinator at the International Labor Rights Forum.

via Modern Day Slavery In Soccer Ball Production In india.

This practice was exposed in the 1990’s, but it appears that initiatives to combat these practices are not working. View a photo gallery showing child labor in soccer ball production. The photos appear to be from July, 2007.

View a detailed PDF report from the BBA in India.

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Fair Trade Clothing by Global Mamas

A very good friend of mine sent me to this site. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew I was intrigued because of its name Global Mamas.

Global Mamas is a nonprofit organization helping small, women-led enterprises in Africa. Proceeds go directly to the women and to nonprofit programs that assist them with business development. On average, the Ghanaian women who create these clothes earn 10 times the minimum wage in Ghana.

What a great idea. The designs are cute too.


The best news is that they are out of stock on everything. Which makes me disappointed and happy all at the same time. That just means we are keeping them busy and more work will be available for the woman of Ghana.

I’m keeping my eyes on this one!